Our Mission Statement

Because we are unconditionally loved by God, we are called to do the same in thought, word, and deed with our family, community and world.

We are children and servants of God. We believe that we have received salvation through the grace of God and Jesus Christ. We are guided in our thoughts, prayers, and actions by: the Bible, the Holy Spirit who dwells within each of us, and our Church’s (PCUSA) traditions.

We develop our faith through worship, prayer, and Christian Education. This prepares us for local and global missions, community involvement, and spreading God’s good news to others. We are strengthened in our service to God through the support and fellowship of the Christian family of Grace Presbyterian Church. All people are welcome and encouraged to join our church family.

We’re Here to Help

Our service to Jesus begins with taking care of ourselves (six deacons care for shut-ins, the sick, and the distressed), but we also reach out to the community. An active prayer chain brings many issues before God in prayer. We also reach out with volunteer help to various community organizations. Our mission dollars are currently distributed among the following: Winona Volunteer Services, Women’s Resource Center, Winona Hospice Coalition, Home Share (SEMCAC), DARE, and our denominational missions (Theological Education Fund, General Assembly Synod, Presbytery, One Great Hour of Sharing, Peacemaking   Fund, Christmas Joy Offering). Other mission organizations receive funds from time to time as various needs arise.

We’re Here for The Long Haul

In 1952, Grace Presbyterian Church was formed through the merger of two churches: an English-speaking Presbyterian church established in 1856 and a predominantly German Presbyterian church established in 1864.   As a member of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., we have solid traditions, doctrines, and support which tie us to the larger Body of Christ. Our congregation of approximately 100 adult members is committed to serving our Lord and one another. Other leaders of the church serve on a strictly volunteer basis, and their services are always done in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Pastoral Staff

Church Pastor

Rev. Rachel (Riggle) Rosendahl received her M.Div. from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 2015, was ordained as a teaching elder on February 12, 2017 and moved to Winona to begin her first call to ministry at Grace Presbyterian Church.

“It’s a great fit” she says “I was welcomed right away as part of the family. And I couldn’t imagine being anyplace else.”

Pastor Rachel has a great sense of humor, a personable demeanor, and is dedicated to preaching Word and offering Sacrament. “Word and Sacrament are a unique gift the Church can offer  that you can’t find anywhere else.” Pastor Rachel sees this as her call to ministry; “Ministry is about finding the beauty in brokenness. The world has plenty brokenness. Ministry is about pointing out the places God is already hard at work in our lives, in our communities, and in our larger society. As broken as we are in this world, God still uses us to build God’s Kingdom. No matter how broken we may feel, our God loves us enough to redeem us through the life, death, and resurrection Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Pastor Rachel leads worship each Sunday bringing the Biblical message into our daily lives and helping folks to see how the Gospel plays out even in today’s complex society. Her special joy of ministry is using music to bring the gospel to life. No music is off limits!! She has brought in popular music from Mumford and Sons to Johnny Cash and everywhere in between to worship. “Trust me; God’s voice is everywhere, yes, even on the radio.”

“All are welcome in this place. Because we are unconditionally loved by God, we are called to do the same in thought, word and deed with our family, community and world.”

Office Administrator

Sam Lee brings much experience to the office of Grace Presbyterian Church. She has worked in office administration, marketing and previously owned her own Real Estate business. She is excited to share her knowledge and experience with Grace Presbyterian Church.

Sam’s business motto has always been, “Take care of the people that take care of you.” She enjoys sharing that mentality with the church family and she is eager to help take care of that same church family that is taking such good care of her.

Outside of the church office, Sam enjoys all kinds of gaming, writing and her family. You may see her out at the disc golf park (in the summer!) or playing some new character in a local play!